Geocaching and litter – CITO!

This smaller geocache was simple but effective. Placed at the edge of the loch on campus where the wind naturally collected the floating waste against the shore was a great place to engage geocachers with the issue of unwanted plastic and other rubbish that can be a hazard for wildlife. The inquiry was to collect and consider the effects of different kinds of waste on different kinds of wildlife  … and to collect some of it in the litter bags provided in the cache.   Cache in Trash Out! (or CITO in geocache speak)

Waste and animal hazards

But there is a debate – which pupils should consider – is geocaching itself a form of ‘organised littering’ ? See:  or

See this Facebook page for an anti-geocaching movement


One response is to make sure geocachers collect litter on route. Some have micro CITO (Cache in Trash out) caches which contain a rubbish bag and a latex glove. Another is Earthcaches : (which are not using containers at all and look at Earth science topics)

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